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Built in 1926, Monk Sherborne Village Hall is situated in the centre of the village and is an ideal space for meetings and clubs.  There have been many groups establish themselves in the hall over the years and many an entertaining evening has been spent there during one of the numerous events organised by locals and the Village Hall Committee. 

We hope that we have included all the information you need, but please do contact us if you have any specific questions you would like answered.


Our Hall has a fully fitted kitchen, tables and chairs, washrooms and licences for music and consumption of alcohol. It is perfect for small celebrations.


We are so lucky to be located adjacent to the playing field, which can be used by children attending functions in the hall.  With on-site parking, it is accessible for all.


We are currently fundraising to extend the hall and provide further facilities. If you would like to find out more please click here.

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