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The story of the new hall build

The original design for the new hall

Village Hall Model from Car Park.jpg


After proposing the idea in 2017, work on a new village hall for Monk Sherborne began in February 2021. The old hall was around 100 years old and in a sorry state of repair. The new one is now located next to the old one at right angles (see red box) with wide doors opening out onto the playing field. 

The Village Hall Committee would like to thank everyone who kindly donated to the project and in particular to the late Mike Wilson who expertly secured a number of grants to make the project a reality.


Thanks must also go to the architect Oliver Perceval, the builders RJS, and to Kim & Martyn Fleming who respectively chaired and project managed the build over the course of 2021 - a great achievement particularly given the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

February '21

Work starts...

March '21

Foundations are in...

Mid-March, the frame is up...

April '21

The roof goes on....

May '21

The tiles go on....


October '21

Nearly done...


February to October '21

A timelapse view


December '21

The opening of the hall by Bill Chubb who originally proposed the new hall build - along with the youngest member of the village (aged 6 weeks!)


With thanks to John McSoley for the aerial photos

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