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Can I use the playing field next to the hall? 

The playing field is a public space managed by the local parish council. It can not be reserved for exclusive use. To avoid getting mud in the village hall, we keep the gate from the hall patio to the playing field locked except for special circumstances. Please contact us if you would like it unlocked for your event. 

How does the sound system work? 

To use the Sonos sound system you need to connect to the free WiFi in the hall (the details are on the kitchen notice board) and you need the Sonos app on your phone or tablet. If you have already linked your Spotify or Apple Music (for example) to Sonos then you can play your music from these accounts. (The hall has a PRS music license to be able to play music.)

If you don’t have a Sonos app on your phone you may be able to play directly from your Spotify app. However, you probably won’t be able to change the volume. 

What is the capacity of the hall?

60 people can be seated comfortably and 85 people if standing / buffet style. 

Do you have tables and chairs and do you charge to hire them out?

There are 9 rectangular tables (5 metal oblong 183x69cm and 4 plastic oblong 182x 74cm) and 10 round tables (152cm diameter) and lots of chairs. These can all be used for free as part of your booking. They must be replaced as you found them after use. The rectangular tables fit 3 comfortably on each side and one on each end. The round tables fit 6 chairs comfortably but up to 8 at a squeeze. 

If you would like to use them for an event outside the hall please contact us. 

What cutlery, crockery and glassware is available?

There is plenty of cutlery, crockery and glassware for any event including champagne, wine and tumbler style glasses.  There is no charge for using these but please ensure items are cleaned and put away again after use and let us know about any breakages. 

How big is the hall?

The main hall is 12m long and 7.4m wide (the radiators and support beams reduce this slightly in places). The ceiling is around 5m high at the midpoint. 

Can I fit a Bouncy castle in the hall?

Yes. With it’s high ceilings, it’s possible to fit in a bouncy castle. We recommend using one of our regular providers. Please contact us for details. 

Can I use a Bouncy castle in the playing field next to the hall?

Yes. However, as the playing field is not owned by the village hall you need to get permission from the Parish Council with 10 days notice and pay a £30 fee. There is a link to the request form on the booking page of the website. 

What hours can I book the hall for?

The hall can be booked from 9am to 11pm. However, unless you are  a registered local user (CIO member) then you cannot  book events online after 9pm. Please contact us if you would like to book an evening event. 

Can I come earlier to set up?

Please allow for set-up time and cleaning up time within your booking period.

How far ahead can I book the hall?

Unless you are  a registered local user (CIO member) then you can only book online up to 4 months  in advance. Please contact us if you would like to book further ahead than this. You cannot book the hall online less than a week before your event. 

Can I sell alcohol at my event?

To sell alcohol at an  event a Temporary Event Licence (TEN) must be obtained from the Local Licensing Authority (Basingstoke & Dean Borough Council) and a copy of the Approval Notice forwarded to us before the event. The sale of alcohol must end by 11pm and no alcohol should to be consumed outside the premises. To apply for a TEN visit; ​​ 


Do you have a screen and projector I can use?

There is a screen permanently in place on the end wall. We prefer you to use your own projector but if you don’t have one please contact us. There is a  power socket in the floor for projectors. 


What’s not allowed in the Hall?

Unfortunately, we do not permit;
- rollerblading or sports (other than table tennis) in the hall as the floor is not designed for this,
- barbeques (inside or on the patio area) which is a fire risk,
- confetti or smoke/confetti cannons

Can I decorate the Hall?

Yes, but please use blue tack on the bamboo paneling for decorations and do not stick anything to the walls. There are also 4 hooks attached to the inside of the uprights for stringing bunting or lights across the hall.


I live in the parish - how do I sign-up to be a CIO member?

Please complete this online form. 

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